Your Green Holidays

Our commitment is to preserve the natural heritage of the surrounding area. Dimora San Quirico supports an eco-sustainable lifestyle and vacation with a low environmental impact by minimizing pollution, reducing consumption, and avoiding waste.


Renewable Energy

A photovoltaic system positioned on the rooftop, discreetly hidden from view and minimizing landscape impact, generates enough energy to power: the swimming pool, refrigerators, freezers, kitchen equipment, garden lighting, and all electrical and electronic appliances throughout the premises.
A solar thermal system with a storage tank, combined with a low-energy consumption heat pump boiler, ensures a consistent and reliable supply of hot water under any conditions, regardless of usage or the number of occupants.

The plumbing system is designed to provide instant hot water without unnecessary consumption.
Class A PVC fixtures help maintain a constant temperature indoors and save energy throughout the year. All windows are equipped with a sensor that detects when they are opened, allowing for the automatic and immediate shutdown of the convector that provides hot or cold air.


Home Automation

The home automation system installed in the structure allows for the optimization of consumption and the ability to promptly intervene (even remotely) in case of any problems or faults with the systems, leading to immediate resolution.
The heating/cooling system also utilizes a heat pump, which, optimized through integration with a home automation system, consistently delivers heat/cool air in accordance with energy-saving principles.


Cleaners and Disinfectants

In order to introduce less plastic into the environment, we use ecological detergents and cleaners, certified by HACCP, purchased in bulk. Alcohol and specific products are used to disinfect and sanitize surfaces (according to health directives certified by the HACCP and ANTICOVID protocols).



The property has a large underground cistern for collecting rainwater used for irrigating all external green spaces.
To avoid wasting one of the most precious resources, we ask for the collaboration of our guests in adopting eco-friendly choices, such as linen reuse: if a guest wishes to have their used linen replaced, they will place it in the designated shower compartment so that staff can change it; if they intend to reuse it (an ecological choice), they will leave it hanging on the appropriate hooks.

The linen is washed and ironed on-site using energy from renewable sources and eco-friendly detergents.

Zero waste

Zero plastic

We are committed to avoiding the use of disposable and plastic tableware in general. Where necessary, we prefer paper cups and plates and eco-friendly wooden or bamboo cutlery. We use water and beverages in glass containers.


Zero kilometer

Tasting the flavors of Puglia means not straying too far. The dishes at Dimora San Quirico are special precisely because they are prepared using zero-kilometer ingredients, purchased from local producers. The buffet breakfast is rich in homemade products: from jams to cakes to croissants, as well as fruit, cured meats, cheeses, biscuits, and yogurt. Breakfast is served at a table set up in the garden, under the shade of our olive tree.